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Cathedral of the Air was erected in 1932. It is an inter-faith church used by the military next to the ground site of the famed Naval Air Engineering Station in Lakehurst NJ. I signed up as part of a tour to visit this site through the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society. It’s a military-themed church commemorating important historical events through the past millennium: symbols of creation, myths, law of gravity, Leonardo da Vinci, Kitty Hawk, and lighter-than-air aeronautics ie Zeppelins and Blimps. ~ Yelp.com


Save the CATHEDRAL of the Air

Please e-mail a request for these letters. If you wish to save the Cathedral of the Air. Please use these letters to send to the addresses listed. We can only make a difference if we show in large numbers that we want the Cathedral to become a National Historical Landmark. A copy of a letter from Mayor Hudak of Manchester, New Jersey attached for your information. There is a Petition to save the Cathedral of the Air, it is available to sign your name and your address as well, so when you e-mail us for the letters to send out to save the Cathedral ask for the petition also.