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Cathedral of the Air was erected in 1932. It is an inter-faith church used by the military next to the ground site of the famed Naval Air Engineering Station in Lakehurst NJ. I signed up as part of a tour to visit this site through the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society. It’s a military-themed church commemorating important historical events through the past millennium: symbols of creation, myths, law of gravity, Leonardo da Vinci, Kitty Hawk, and lighter-than-air aeronautics ie Zeppelins and Blimps. ~ Yelp.com


Save the CATHEDRAL of the Air

Please e-mail a request for these letters. If you wish to save the Cathedral of the Air. Please use these letters to send to the addresses listed. We can only make a difference if we show in large numbers that we want the Cathedral to become a National Historical Landmark. A copy of a letter from Mayor Hudak of Manchester, New Jersey attached for your information. There is a Petition to save the Cathedral of the Air, it is available to sign your name and your address as well, so when you e-mail us for the letters to send out to save the Cathedral ask for the petition also.

Please make six copies and send each Letter marked Save the Cathedral of the Air to all six parties listed and then make one for yourself. The Cathedral needs your support NOW! When you are done copying the letter, then fill in the lines at the top with your name, address and phone number. Sign your name in the space provided. Send the letter to all six parties listed. Thanks! Bill Schmidt, Member of the American Legion Post 129 & Lakehurst Historical Society Museum Call or e-mail if you are willing to send out the six letters. Thanks, Mayor Hudak, for your support. @ 732-575-6904 or e-mail @ BillSchmidt1000@aol.com making the Cathedral of the Air a National Historical Landmark will protect God’s Church.